Thursday, July 31, 2008

Get Your Power Back!

Today's post is dedicated to my new favorite Power Ranger: Francisco. The European break-up guru for men.

(Remember... I said Thursdays would be all about ripping stuff from other other places if I couldn't find someone to guest blog or interview?)

Well, since I committed to that lofty goal of a daily blogging schedule just yesterday, I didn't have time to recruit anyone. And frankly, I think this just might be more fun anyway...

Now, back to When I stumbled upon Francisco's site, I found that he had created ebooks, mp3s, and multiple vidcasts of his program: "How to Get Your Power Back After She Breaks Up." I wanted to give him a shout-out and mad props for being so enterprising! And what better way to do that than to blog about him?

I think the thing that really sold me on Francisco's system was his accent--how perfect is that? Love advice from a guy who doesn't want other men to be stuck in "leembo" after a relationship break-up. His advice is very sage: "You have battle plahn...Your life ezz under attack."

What made me realize that he really is providing a valuable service to the broken-hearted men out there is this testimonial: "It was the slap in the face and kick to the balls that helped me see where I was."

Ouch. I guess reality does more than bite. There's nothing quite like a solid bitch-slap and a game of testicle hacky sack to get your emotions back on the right track.

I find it curious though. Does that mean when a man experiences a break-up, it hurts his face and his genitals? Hmmmm... Pride and penis pain. A veritable alliteration of romantic injury.

Of course, I would be remiss in my entertainment duties if I didn't post this video...

The only part of the whole thing that gives me serious pause is when Francisco says, "What you must do is trust me."

My Daddy always told me never to trust a man who says: "Trust me." And definitely not if he winks when he says it.



Vicki Wagner said...

Unt You Feels so muches pain that zen you vant to go en SHOOT youself!!!

So pleeze be very carefuls wiit dis......

to git over eet, go to as many stripper bars as possible.....

unt feast you two eyes on all zee beautiful nekked women

Ahhhh.... so very nice now.

Just kiddng

had fun with that

Anonymous said...

Hmmm, maybe this guy should tune in Tom Leykis. Although many women are offended by the content of the Leykis show, it will provide some helpful insight into the mind of the Plaaaayeeer. I encourage all single dating women to tune in 97.1 3 to 7 pm weekdays. Oh and don’t call in to tell Tom what a woman hater he is…he will chew you up and spit you out! Just sit back and enjoy the stupidity of the male player. I think that you will find it quite entertaining and fodder for many opposing blogs.

Annette said...

I dated a guy who was a T.L. fan (see page 118 of my book). That should have been my first clue. And, of course, I probably should've listened to my friends who had a better perspective than I did at the time.

Personally, I'd be as likely to listen to T.L. as I would Dr. Laura. And that would be right after I had a lobotomy.

emily garnhart said...

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Anonymous said...

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