Sunday, October 5, 2008

I've Moved the Blog!

Just in case you've stumbled across this inactive blog, I thought I'd post the forwarding link. I've moved The Break-Up Diet blog to

And here's some personal U-HAUL moving trivia: from Sept. to Dec. 1986 (in my job-hopping youth), I worked as a Move Coordination Specialist at U-haul on Spruce Street in Riverside.

Picture a small office shack choked by a dense cloud cigarette smoke. Joe, a scarecrow of a boss with a few teeth missing and a bad attitude fully intact. Incessantly ringing phones with callers waffling about what size truck to rent or how many boxes they needed. And on the breaks, me kissing a member of the JAFO Party Guys, a hottie named Scott Ziegler, behind a row of trucks in the lot. It was a short-lived job, but I've always found a way to entertain myself, no matter where I've worked. That hasn't changed.

To catch up with all the new stories, stop by the Wordpress blog.


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